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How to Choose the Most Ideal Hookah Pens

Different people enjoy the use of Hookah Pens. However, not many of them understand how to choose hookah pens. I am sure that those who claim to enjoy the use Hookah Pens do not actually enjoy. This is because, probably for one reason or another, they are using the wrong type of Hookah Pens. The history of Hookah Pens can be traced many years back. Many transformations in terms of shape, size, features, colors, and model, among others have taken place. This means that if you were an expert back then in selecting the best Hookahs, then today you will be completely outdated. It is essential that every Hookahpen lover familiarize themselves with different changes, features, pros, cons, flavors among other features in Hookahpens.

This article aims at enlightening you on how to choose hookah pens that will offer you an incredible vaping experience you have never had. It is important that you take each point in this guide serious and be sure to get the best Hookah Pen.

  1. Quality Hookah Pens offers you an extra Mouth Tips

Traditional Hookah pens were designed in a way that they only had one mouth piece. This means that you had to wait for your friend to vape and then you proceed. Modern hookah pens come with more than one mouth piece. Ensure that you select a Hookah pen that has different mouth pieces to allow your friends enjoy the same time as you.  On this tips, ensure that if you prefer a hookah pen that has more mouth pieces, then it can be able to last for a longer period of time. For instance, it should offer at least 1200 puffs.

  1. Consider Electronic Hookahs

Electronic Hookahs are by far much better. They have numerous benefits that you are not likely to get in the traditional hookahs. Despite their great design, they have laminated screens at their sides that help you monitor their usage. The led indicators also alerts you when the inner content is almost getting depleted hence allowing you to easily refill. They also have strong lithium batteries that ensure that the hookah remains charged for as long as you want it. If you are not sure of these features mainly the battery search for articles on the best batteries. Also seek for different colors in which they are availed and select the best that suits you well.

  1. Solid brass Materials

There is a reason why you should prefer to have solid brass Hookahs. Although different people claim that they are heavy, they are more durable as compared to others. Other claims that the brass material Hookahs requires regular polishing to maintain their shine. However, if you do not mind, the shine does not add aesthetic value. You can opt to stay without the shine but have a hookah that will offer you service for a very long period of time. Hookahs make of stainless steel more often rust thus making solid brass Hookahs the best for you.

  1. The size of the Hookah

The best height that you should for a standard Hookah is between 28 and 32 inches. Avoid any hookah longer than that. This is to ensure that are convenient in terms of handling and carrying them around. I am very sure that you would not like to have a hookah that you cannot put into your pocket or handbag for ladies.  Although, height may not play a crucial role in terms of the aesthetic value, it is good to consider it for convenience.

  1. Select Hookahs with Rubber Stoppers

Many hoses in a hookah tend to reduce its performance. It is however good if you have multiple users and you all want to use the Hookah as the same time. This is the many reason as to why many people prefer Hookahs that has only one hose. This problem however can effectively be dealt with by having rubber stoppers. Rubber stoppers aids in converting back the suction that could be in all hoses to only one house. This increases performances hence allowing you to enjoy the Hookah as if it was a single hosed hookah.

  1. Cost

Cost is a major factor that you should consider when selecting a Hookah Pen. As far as Hookahs are concerned, the most expensive hookahs are not always the best. In fact, there are cheaper ones which are quite effective. However, consider having a Hookah above $40. Any hookah below this price unless you do a thorough research about it may result to b a junky.  Hookahs above $100 will give you quality service and in most cases will last for a very long time. They offer more puffs as compared to cheaper ones. For instance, they can offer up to 900 puffs contra to cheaper ones which can only offer 200 puffs before they get exhausted.

Other factors although not major ones that you should consider are to ensure that all components are properly fitted. Ensure that the air flow is adequate within the Hookah. Also check to ensure that components such as Hose gaskets, vase gaskets, stem, and vase among many others are properly fitted. Pay close attention to potential air leaks and seek them properly fitted before purchasing the Hookah. This is because a slight malfunction may make you fail to enjoy the true feel in vaping.

With such essential tips, there is no reason as to why you should be able to select the best Hookah pen. Search for more information in the same to enable you different between fake and real ones. Also have to taste different flavors and select the one that will be best for you. Many people hate vaping just because they tasted the wrong flavor not knowing that they are many more flavors from which they can choose from. As the adage goes “information is Power”, empower yourself by searching for more information. Discuss with experts also and have their views on how to choose hookah pens.

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